Fair participants

Concert institution "Kauno santaka"

Works since 2012  
Concert institution “Kauno santaka” was established on 01 October 2012 after merging the music ensemble “Ainiai”, brass band “Azuolynas” and Kaunas Bigband. Institution focuses on the main objectives of activity: to foster, create and develop the culture and traditions of playing professional music by brass and national instruments, playing jazz music; to play classical and modern pieces of Lithuanian and foreign composers; to creatively convey values of the global and Lithuanian music culture; to allow young talented and recognised Lithuanian and global performers and their groups to engage in creative activities of the institution; to introduce the art of Lithuanian and other ethnic music in Lithuania and abroad; to educate, shape and satisfy the need of musical culture in society. While implementing its objectives, the institution has functions such as organisation of creation and performance of the professional stage art (concerts, festivals, contests, other artistic programmes), preparation and implementation of educational programmes, planning tours abroad in order to introduce Lithuanian and other ethnic music.

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Programs of concerts, programs of entertainment and educational activities of Kaunas Big Band, Kaunas Wind Orchestra “Ąžuolynas”, Kaunas Music Ensemble “Ainiai”

National Kaunas drama theatre

Works since 1920  
National Kaunas Drama Theatre is the oldest professional theatre in Lithuania which was founded on the 19th of December, 1920. The theatre is called The National Kaunas Drama Theatre for nurturing national dramaturgy, consistent educational activity, and repertoire which distinguished by its distinctive creative touch. It‘s mission – to present to the audience the professional performing arts of the highest artistic value, to develop the need of theater in the society, to promote the innovation and relevance of performing arts, to develop creative cooperation with artists from Europe and other countries. The theatre's ensemble consists of 50 actors as well as guest actors. The repertoire consists of 40 plays for rich variety of all age groups from children to senior audience members. The active season of the theatre lasts from September till June. Each season about 350 events take place and more than 60 000 spectators visit the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. During a season theatre audience enjoy 5 to 6 openings, an educational festival „Dive Into the Theatre” and at least one international festival or project. In collaboration with BA and MA technical translation students from Kaunas University of Technology, some plays of the theatre are provided with a simultaneous translation, and in collaboration with the Institute of Languages, Literature and Translation Studies, Kaunas Faculty, Vilnius University, the bigger part of performances that take place at the Main Stage is adapted for people with hearing impairment. Due to the upcoming international project “Kaunas- European Capital of Culture 2022”, National Kaunas drama theatre is strategically focusing on the international networking and co-production performances with foreign partners and its presentation on international stages.

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Performance tickets

Kaunas city chamber theatre

Works since 1976
We are a small and cozy theatre with big ambitions situated in the heart of Kaunas city. We are not afraid to experiment and tame unconventional theatrical spaces. Our stage is open to young creators; we also work on educational programs and social projects.

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Performance tickets, souvenirs

Kaunas State Puppet Theatre

Works since 1958 
The Kaunas State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1958 by drama actors Stasys Ratkevičius (1917–2010) and Valerija Gruodytė-Ratkevičienė (1916–2004). The premiere of the first play “Aladdinʼs Magic Lamp” (director S. Ratkevičius) took place on 18 May 1958. The chronicles of the theatre are filled with a long list of well-known and award-winning directors, actors, composers, designers and scenographers, more than 200 titles of performances for different age groups, about 2000 puppets produced over the years, about 17000 performances seen by about 2.7 million audience and numerous of the international festivals and tours abroad. The theater is the member of ASSITEJ Lithuania and UNIMA. Nowadays the theatre company consists of 15 actors and presents around 300 performances each year, including 4 premieres. It's staging classical tales from different countries, original dramaturgy for children and youth. The theater is also famous for its Puppet Museum of Valerija and Stasys Ratkevičius founded in 1994, which preserves puppets, masks, stage props as well as documentary materials. At present, the museum collection includes more than 900 exhibits illustrating the process of puppet theater development. The museum space is used also for educational events. Alongside with the traditional forms of puppet theatre, new and attractive ways are introduced for young audience. Each year the traditional farewell-to-summer festival “To Fairy- Tale Land” is organized, where audience can greet their favourite performance puppets and actors and take photos as well as have their photo taken. The international festival “Let Puppets and Children Smile Together” which is the largest celebration of this genre in Lithuania is organised since 1991 by the theater together with the Union Internationale de la Marionnette of Lithuania. The festival programme includes performances by professional Lithuanian and foreign puppet theatres as well as children puppet companies presentations.


Works since 2015
Teatronas activities include production of theatre performances, organization of the international contemporary circus festival "Cirkuliacija", development of long-term educational programs and application of new ways of communication within the cultural field. Teatronas also initiated opening of the very first contemporary circus centre in Lithuania - Cirko Sapiens, curates its activities and implements the residency program. Cirko Sapiens provides continuing circus education for different age groups.

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Performance tickets, tickets to “Cirko Sapiens”, merchandise

AURA Dance Theatre

Works since 1982 
AURA Dance Theatre – the first contemporary dance theatre in Lithuania. Its history is being counted since the year of 1982 when the choreographer Birute Letukaite created ,,Modern Dance Group” . In 1989 AURA Dance Theatre organized the very first International Modern Dance Festival in Lithuania that later got the name of International Dance Festival ,,Aura” and is still being organized annually until this day in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 2011 AURA Dance Theatre became international and dancers from all over the world began to dance in the troupe. Through the whole theatre’s career the troupe is presenting its performances all over the world and is awarded with plenty of various awards: in January, 2020, AURA presented a performance named ,,Game Changer” (created by Birute Letukaite) in United Arab Emirates, Dubai and the same performance was shown in Germany (Berlin), March, 2020. AURA Dance Theatre also has an ,,Aura” dance studio that is working at the theater for many years.

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Performance tickets, subscriptions to the festival AURA31

Tango Cultural Center

Works since 2018
Tango Cultural Centre “El Tango Club Espacio Cultural” / Embassy of Argentine Tango Culture / It is a special tango culture center in Lithuania and the Baltic region with a unique museum dedicated to learning about Argentine culture, its traditions, cultural events, tango culture and learning Spanish. It is a cultural center for various forms of Argentine tango culture: dance, music, history, traditions and all that fits in one short word "tango" (Unesco heritage). It is also a center that builds an Argentine tango community where people interact, spend free time and meet new people. The Tango Cultural Space contributes to and develops the knowledge of Latin American cultural heritage in Kaunas and beyond. In cooperation with partners in Argentina and European countries, our activities and cultural program aim to make Kaunas attractive with exceptionally authentic artistic and cultural cognitive activities. As ambassadors of Argentine culture, we strive for our cultural activities to be visible abroad and to promote inbound cultural tourism in Kaunas. Annual international projects with exceptional guests of honour, performers from Argentina, attracted participants from Lithuania, and from foreign countries.

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Museum tickets, subscriptions to cultural education activities, souvenirs, tickets to upcoming concerts and events

Lietuvos dailininkų sąjungos Kauno skyrius

Works since 2006 
Kaunas Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association is non-profit, artists association. Kaunas Department unites professional artists, curators and art historians. LAA Kaunas Department organizes various art events, exhibitions, contests, cooperates with international art institutions and artists. The main goal of association is to promote freedom of creativity, to motivate artists, communicate and disseminate the word about Kaunas Department activities around the world. The International Glass art festival “Vitrum”, Kaunas international printmaking biennial are most important projects of Kaunas Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

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Art magazines and catalogues of art projects

Kaunas Gallery (Lithuanian Photographers Association Kaunas department)

Works since 1979 
Kaunas Photography Gallery (founded in 1979) is situated at the heart of Kaunas old town and is one of the largest and most important exhibition sites not only in Lithuania, but in all the Baltic countries. It exhibits classic, traditional Lithuanian photography as well as innovative international contemporary art projects, organizes an international residency program and holds regular photography workshops and masterclasses. For the last decade it has also run its own publishing house and bookshop.

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Books, postcards

M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art

Works since 1921 
The M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art is one of the oldest and largest art museums in Lithuania. It is the only place in the world with the creative legacy of the most famous Lithuanian artist, composer and public figure M. K. Čiurlionis (1875–1911). The M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art has 9 sites in Kaunas and 2 sites in Druskininkai. It connects very different museums: from small memorial museums with preserved authentic interiors, where you can get acquainted with accomplished and devoted Lithuanian culture figures Paulius Galaunė, Liudas Truikys, Juozas Zikaras, and Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, to the large art galleries (M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas Picture Gallery) and Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania. The museum has many collections which contain pieces from Ancient civilizations, Western European art, Fluxus art, professional Lithuanian art, folk art, numismatic exhibits, photographs and documents. Currently, the museum is responsible for the protection of an estimated 500 thousand exhibits. The museum is also famous for its accumulated collection of devils. To showcase it, the collection was moved to a separate building resulting in the creation of the only Devils Museum in the world. The museum organizes various cultural events: children and professional performers' concerts, book presentations, lectures, seminars, scientific conferences, guided tours. Special educational programs are available to children, students, and families. The museum works closely with socially excluded groups and people with disabilities, prepares educational programs and various classes for them. Kaunas picture gallery-based community platform “Backup stories” is the first exhibition space in Lithuania dedicated to communities and their stories, which are relevant to our society. The museum's library is open to visitors and has accumulated over 46 thousand publications on art history and theory, aesthetics, folk art, fine and applied-decorative arts, architecture, protection and restoration of monuments, design, artistic photography, Lithuanian studies, and other topics.

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Educational activities, books, souvenirs

Kaunas Biennial

Works since 1997 
Kaunas Biennial is the largest, longest lasting, most significant and most visited contemporary art festival in Lithuania and the Baltic states. Kaunas Biennial stands out not only for the variety of art presented, but also for its institutional independence. It is an international platform that creates accessible, engaging and inspiring contemporary art projects and events. Kaunas Biennial seeks to ensure the meaning and relevance of contemporary art by providing tools for getting to know contemporary art and freedom for various interpretations of contemporary art. By creating international partnerships, initiating the creation of new works of art and presenting both well-known and newly started artists and curators, the Kaunas Biennial seeks to strengthen and diversify the field of contemporary art.

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Tickets to the 13th Kaunas Biennial, souvenirs and catalogues of the Biennial

Gallery “Meno parkas”

Works since 1997 
Meno parkas“ is contemporary art gallery, which for three decades have been focusing on:  raising and supporting the young generation artists in Lithuania; promoting Lithuanian artists abroad; presenting international art projects and artists in Lithuania.

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Art publications, postcard collections, t-shirts, bags

Kaunas Artists’ House

Works since 1971 
Kaunas Artists’ House is a center of professional arts in Kaunas, carrying out cultural activities, popularizing contemporary art, organizing and presenting cultural programs to the public. Kaunas Artists’ House produces cultural and artistic content, coordinates the city’s cultural information, and also acts as a mediator between the city municipality and the cultural operators and their audiences. The fifty-year-old Kaunas Artists’ House is one of the longest-running such institutions not only in Kaunas, but also in Lithuania. Kaunas Artists’ House has been consistently creating and developing the following platforms since 2017: art residencies, educational programs, and Cultural Information Center. In addition to the main platforms, community-oriented co-creative activities and the presentation of professional arts are being developed, with a strong focus on cultural accessibility. Kaunas Artists’ House aims to offer visitors the program of the highest quality. Concerts, film screenings, artist residencies, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops, slam poetry readings are only some of all the events taking place here.

Landscape design project Nemuno7

Works since 2019 
Nemuno7 is a place to #EXPERIENCE water. Be it from art, architecture or science perspective. A unique river technique and landscape design project, which will serve as a public cultural space. The object, which will be situated on the left bank of Nemunas, in Zapyškis, unites historic heritage and modern architecture and is expected to become a new attraction point for local residents, tourists from Lithuania and abroad. A futuristic place to experience visual art, interdisciplinary cooperation, science and creativity – is part of Kaunas 2022 – European Capital of Culture programme.

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Membership packages of “Nemuno7” (i.e. the opportunity to visit all exhibitions at the facility throughout the season)

Cultural Infocentre

Works since 2018
Looking for information about Kaunas culture or want to share it? Welcome to Kaunas embassy of culture – Cultural Information Center located at the Kaunas Artist’s House! Discover and share – an online calendar of Kaunas cultural events kultura.kaunas.lt/en. Read – free monthly magazine Kaunas Full of Culture and kaunaspilnas.lt/en. Visit – Kaunas Embassy of Culture: Cultural Information Center and Reading Room at Kaunas Artist’s House, V. Putvinskio str. 56, Kaunas.

Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library

Works since 1925 
Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library, founded in 1925, is the main library of Kaunas, second largest city in Lithuania. It is one of the oldest municipal public libraries in Lithuania. During long years of existence, the library has repeatedly changed its premises and name. The library was opened in the current premises in 1960. In 1988 it regained the original name of Vincas Kudirka. During 95 years, the library has changed and grown. Now the library consists of five functional departments, which were set up after centralization of public libraries, and 20 branch libraries, located in the different areas of the city. Main activities of the library include service of readers, fund completing, information services, cultural education and project arrangement and implementation. Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library has around 40 000 registered users. Library organises cultural events, meetings with writers, exhibitions, various lectures and courses. ICT is very important in library activities. Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library allows its users to use computers and laptops, tablets and E-Book Readers.

Kaunas County Public Library

Works since 1950 
Kaunas County Public Library (KAVB) has many years of experience in publishing. This experience has shown that publishing is one of the most enduring forms in the library community. Publications dedicated to the history of Lithuania and Kaunas heritage are especially popular in the community. In the program of the planned fair, we would like to present some of the most significant KAVB publications: 1. The Pocket of Knowledge (2020/2021) 2020 was declared as the year of Eugenija Šimkūnaitė, by the government of Lithuania. For this prominent personality, pharmacist, researcher of medicinal plants, expert of folk medicine, KAVB has prepared an exclusive publication "Žiniuonės kišenė". E. Šimkūnaitė is an exceptional personality of Lithuania, who not only accumulated a huge intellectual and ethno-cultural wealth of herbal research, but also gained the fame of the most famous folk scientist. The publication helps to take a closer look at some details of the doctor’s life and creative legacy. In addition to an overview of herbal medicine traditions in Lithuania, we include the most important facts, photos and tips of the doctor's biography, there are also E. Šimkūnaitė's fairy tales about trees written in a beautiful Highland dialect. They are interesting not only for children, but also for adults, who will be able to compare the described trees with the author's own way or distinctive features. The reader will also find postcards with drawings of medicinal plants and some advices from E. Šimkūnaitė. Those, who delve into the secrets of the Lithuanian worldview, will be able to get acquainted with E. Šimkūnaitė's insights into the signs of the sun in Lithuanian ethnic culture, and take an interest in their symbolism. 2. "100 Moments: Interwar Holidays and Celebrations" (2018) The publication “100 Moments: Interwar Holidays and Celebrations” is a part of the festive life of interwar Lithuania told in pictures. It presents the most important celebrations of that period, their origins and diversity of citizenship and community. The publication ends with a greeting of a festive postcards from the interwar period. 3. Signs of Kaunas Identity (2009) During its long and honorable history, Kaunas has matured a considerable historical heritage, which is worth understanding, appreciating and remembering as a sign of the historical continuity of the community, its integrity and uniqueness. The publication “Signs of Kaunas Identity” highlights only the signs of identity characteristic of Kaunas city, which we will not find elsewhere. In the publication it is possible to recognize what is unique and valuable in Kaunas, which should be honored not only by Kaunas residents, but also by the country of Lithuania. These important aspects of Kaunas, are presented by specialists of various fields who are indifferent to the city's past and present.

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Publications of the library

Kaunas City Museum

Works since 2005 
The Kaunas City Museum, comprising five sites, aims to memorialize the city's history, culture, and historic figures. Carrying out daily museum-focused, cultural, educational, publishing, entertainment, and recreational activities, inspired by the city and its rich history, the Kaunas City Museum invites you to join us in exploring and finding answers to the question of what defines a city and how it works. We strive to create a modern museum that is enjoyed by the city’s residents and guests. A museum which would relate not only the history of Kaunas, but also the histories in Kaunas – experienced by us and our ancestors, heard and seen in a city square or at home, stories that are famous or yet unknown.

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Museum tickets, coupons of educational activities, publications, souvenirs

Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum

Works since 1936 
Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum was founded in a mansion that is located in the southwest corner of Kaunas Town Hall. The late baroque (rococo) mansion was built in 1742 by Kaunas city court foreman Simonas Sirutis. Now it is a rear baroque house of a wealthy citizen, which is titled by the status of supreme cultural monument. In 1909, Maironis after had returned from Petersburg to Kaunas, he purchased the mansion, repaired it in a year. He settled in eight rooms of the second floor and the remained part of the mansion reserved for the Lithuanian cultural organizations. In this part of the mansion there was established the first Lithuanian library-athenaeum in Kaunas, Catholic Women Association, Craft School, the edit of the magazine Garnys, publishing office Sakalas. Marcele Maciulyte lived in that mansion together with her brother poet; they together provided education for their sister’s Kotryna Lipciene children. Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum was founded on the 28th June, 1936 on the fourth anniversary of poet’s death.

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Publications of the museum, souvenirs, coupons of tours and educational activities

Public Institution Kaunas Fortress park

Works since 2016 
Kaunas Fortress Park: WHO WE ARE? The main goal of the Public Institution Kaunas Fortress Park is to organize and implement the preservation of Kaunas Fortress heritage - forts, hiding places and other fortifications by adaptation to contemporary needs, thus exploiting the scientific, touristic and cultural potential of military heritage, promote recognizability of defensive heritage in Lithuania and Europe. Kaunas Fortress Park - a unique World War I history reserve, a time capsule – that invites you to visit authentic war relics and impressive historical monuments - long and misleading fortress dungeons, walls destroyed by powerful artillery, and fortified city landscapes. At the end of the XIX century Kaunas was surrounded by a ring of forts, and the entire network of the fortifications of the city-fortress, underground artillery warehouses, barracks, administrative buildings, and other hiding places was located in the city. Forts are the architecture of the land. Build from a variety of materials - stone, metal, Lithuanian clay brick, wood, locally produced concrete. Vegetation also had to perform a defensive function: spiny hawthorn, poplar and etc. The forts in Kaunas have formed a fortified landscape that still attracts not only mysterious dungeons, but also relief and picturesque view areas. Today, most of the buildings and territory of the abandoned fortress are managed and maintained by Kaunas Fortress Park – it is more than 60 buildings, about 200 ha of territory in different parts of the city and district. The management and adaptation of this heritage is organized based on three stages: projection and documentation, management and maintenance of territories and buildings, adaptation and use for tourism, creativity, the needs of the local community. The activity of Kaunas Fortress Park is a continuous collaborational work with local heritage community; it is a care that the forts that have been abandoned for many years will prosper and the ring of forts will become an opportunity to develop: tourism and education, leisure activity and recreation, creative industries, green innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Our vision: A sustainable fortress - in harmony between nature, human and history.

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Souvenirs, tours, educational activities

Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Works since 1990 
Lithuanian Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving and spreading Lithuanian aviation history and culture within the society through collecting and displaying aviation related artefacts and aircraft, through conducting educational activities for children and families, guided tours, various exhibitions and events. The museum collection includes over twenty thousand pieces. The Museum is located on an important historical site. The nearby aerodrome is the oldest in Lithuania and one of the oldest in Europe. The museum operates in the former passenger terminal of what was Kaunas civilian airport during the Soviet period. Worthy mentioning, the Museum can be reached by plane—one of only a few such museums in the world. The geography of the museum isn’t limited to just Kaunas. Branches of the Lithuanian Aviation Museum are also located in Judrėnai, the birthplace of pilot Steponas Darius near Klaipėda, and in Vytogala, the birthplace of pilot Stasys Girėnas near Šilalė.

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Museum’s souvenirs, tickets to educational activities, experiential flight activities


Works since 2018 
.Parakas is the gunpowder depot of the Kaunas Fortress. After the Soviets left, it was destroyed and littered with rubish. When the community came together, we tidied up the outside and the inside of the depot. Thanks to a creative team that unites different members, we have put it to work. Parakas now hosts educational events, tours, neighbors’ festivities, raves, film screenings, traditional Saint John’s Eve, and the Day of the White Goat. During the quarantine, we encouraged creators to film themselves in Parakas and later we upload their videos to Facebook. People, who come to Parakas feel like home and able to fulfill their dreams.

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Degios Mintys fire sculptures and unique lighting, Parakas tours, spaces for events, paraphernalia.

"Lizdas" club

Works since 2015
Informacija ruošiama

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.Club merchandise, tickets to the upcoming autumn events

Kaunas 2022

Contemporary Capital At the beginning of 2017, Kaunas was awarded the title of the European Capital of Culture for 2022. Together with various cultural organisations, artists and creatives, we develop a vast, endless and borderless programme that we call the Contemporary Capital. The entire time remaining until 2022 is a common journey of Kaunas and Kaunas District from temporary to contemporary! Kaunas 2022: “From temporary to contemporary” This invitation to join us on our journey is also a call to start a dialogue. To speak with the history and identity of our city. Thanks to the title of the temporary capital (1919–1940), Kaunas became a modern European city. Today we have another opportunity achieved for us not by the politicians, but by professionals and enthusiasts of culture. We strive to maintain the same passion awakening a city which is modern, innovative, friendly to its residents and guests.

Hands on press - print and self-publishing studio

Works since 2021 
Hands on press is an independent print and self-publishing studio located in K. Donelaičio str. in central Kaunas. The studio is run by designers and illustrators Inga and Gabrielė. We love analogue printing techniques and our aim is to introduce them in creative ways to a wider audience. We offer risograph, screen printing, linocut, woodcut, bookbinding and book design services, alongside illustration and graphic design. We also run workshops where we share our knowledge of these crafts with both designers and people that have nothing to do with arts or crafts.

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Silkscreen prints that will be made by the visitors during the fair (there will be a full day workshop), other art prints

Kaunas State Philharmonic

Works since 1944 
Kaunas State Philharmonic organizes various cultural events: symphonic, chamber, jazz music, author's concerts, afternoons for the whole family, educational programs for students, festivals, thematic concert cycles. The concert season of Kaunas State Philharmonic lasts from October to May. Kaunas State Philharmonic organizes about 200 concerts a year. Every year, the Philharmonic organizes the international festival of young musicians "Kaunas", which debuted in 1990. Since 1998 the music festival of composers E. Grieg and M. K. Čiurlionis is organized together with the Hordaland County Council of Norway. The Pažaislis Music Festival, which has been organized since 1996 and takes place throughout the summer, has gained international recognition, as well as the contemporary music festival Iš ARTI, organized together with the Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Composers' Union. Concerts organized by the Philharmonic take place not only in Kaunas, but also in various regions of the country. The Philharmonic actively cooperates with foreign performers and concert agencies. Kaunas State Choir plays an important role in the concert activities of the Philharmonic. Kaunas State Choir is one of the most prominent prestigious ensembles representing Lithuanian culture, having existed for five decades. From the very beginning of the ensemble's activity until the last swing of his baton, it was led by the founder of the choir, Laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, Professor Petras Bingelis. From 2021, Professor Robertas Šervenikas, Laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize became the artistic director and chief conductor of the choir. 80 singers sing in this professional mixed choir. The choir's repertoire, which is characterized by exceptional sound quality and an extremely wide dynamic scale of expression, includes more than 250 large-scale vocal-instrumental works from the treasure trove of world music classics.

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Concert tickets

Vytautas the Great War Museum

Works since 1944 
The Vytautas the Great War Museum is one of the oldest museum in Lithuania. Museum help to strengthen the synergy between the Armed Forces and society, convey the history of the Lithuanian struggles and the Armed forces in a real and virtual way to our country and all the world.

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Employees of the Vytautas the Great War Museum will invite you to play the internationally acclaimed interactive game “Flight Over the Atlantic" and will offer to take a precisely restored sword of a medieval Lithuanian soldier for those who want to take a break from technologies. Information about the museum's expositions and educational programs will also be provided.

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