Kaunas Photography Gallery

Founded in 1979

Kaunas Photography Gallery is situated at the heart of Kaunas old town and is one of the largest and most important exhibition sites not only in Lithuania, but in all the Baltic countries. It exhibits classic, traditional Lithuanian photography as well as innovative international contemporary art projects, organizes an international residency program and holds regular photography workshops and masterclasses. For the last decade it has also run its own publishing house and bookshop.

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Photography books, albums.

Public Institution Kaunas Fortress park

Founded in 2010

The main goal of Kaunas Fortress Park is to organize and implement the adaptation of Kaunas Fortress heritage to the modern needs of society, thus utilizing the scientific, tourist and cultural potential of military heritage, to popularize the heritage of Kaunas Fortress in Lithuanian and European society. The management and adaptation of this heritage is organized on the basis of three stages: design and documentation, management and maintenance, promotion and use to promote tourism, creativity, the needs of the local community and entrepreneurship.

Souvenirs, excursion tickets.

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Human rights documentary film festival Inconvenient Films

Founded in 2007

INCONVENIENT FILMS is an international competitive human rights documentary film festival, taking place in various cities and towns across Lithuania. Established in 2007 as an annual film event, it is currently the biggest documentary film festival in the country and the only film festival of this kind in the Baltic States region. The festival invites filmmakers, experts, activists and festival audience to appreciate and discuss the role of documentaries in reflecting and shaping our understanding of reality. The mission of this festival is to use award winning author driven films in raising awareness about human rights issues around the world, encouraging public debate on ways to address them. Festival’s International Competition is dedicated to the films by new filmmakers – their first or second feature documentary. Films are selected considering artistic value, filmmaking skills and revelation of a relevant human rights topic. The Best Film is selected and awarded by international jury.

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Season tickets/passports to the screenings of the Inconvenient Films festival in Kaunas.

National Kaunas drama theatre

Founded in 1920

National Kaunas Drama Theatre is the oldest professional theatre in Lithuania which was founded on 1920. The theatre's ensemble consists of 50 actors. The theatre's repertoire includes about 40 performances of various genres - from classical works to contemporary dramaturgy for various age groups - from children to older audiences. At present five different stages are located in the theatre. Each season about 350 events take place and more than 60 000 spectators visit the NKDT. During a season theatre audience enjoy 6 to 7 openings, an international educational festival for youth „Dive Into the Theatre” and international projects. Theatre is strategically focusing on the international networking and co-production performances with foreign partners and its presentation on international stages. In collaboration with universities, some plays of the theatre are provided with English surtitles, some are adapted for people with visual and hearing impairment.

Tickets to repertory performances of the National Kaunas Drama Theater, the latest premieres.

Lithuanian steampunk initiative group

Founded in 2021

Lithuanian steampunk, these are two words trying to describe everything that connects the activities of people from different professions, different educations and living in different corners of Lithuania. Steampunk style is associated with the Victorian era, the era of the discovery of steam engines and scientific people. As the main highlights of this style are the clothes, but the real interest begins when you realize that it is also music, poetry, dance, living environment, accessories. It is a sustainable creation, which uses old objects found at home, which are reborn anew with a little effort and become, as it were, new works of art. During their activities and meetings, they conduct education that introduces the intricacies of creating a steampunk style, including retro photo sessions, jewelry, decorating photo frames... You could name endlessly, but if you had to describe it briefly, steampunk is a great medium for those who already creates, for those who are afraid to create or simply don't know where to start. During community holidays, we encourage you to participate in this activity together, to give unused items a second life, to decorate yourself and the environment, leaving behind as little garbage as possible. Our club is also friendly for children with autism syndrome. Everyone finds a place here.

Steampunk props, jewelry, souvenirs, there will be an opportunity to take a steampunk photo.

AURA Dance Theatre

Founded in 1982

AURA Dance Theatre is first contemporary dance theater in Lithuania, counting the history of modern dance studio founded by Birutė Letukaitė in 1980. In 1989, AURA organized the first International Modern Dance festival in Kaunas (Lithuania) which now is known as International Dance Festival AURA and takes place every autumn in Kaunas. Since 2011 Aura has become an international dance troupe presenting performances on all continents and has won many awards. The theater has a long-standing Aura dance studio, which offers dance lessons for children of all ages.

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Tickets to dance theater performances and performances of the international dance festival AURA 32.

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

Founded in 1986

We are a small and cozy theater with big ambitions located in the heart of Kaunas. We are not afraid to experiment and tame unusual theatrical spaces, provide a stage for young creators, organize educations and participate in social projects.

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Tickets to performances.

ULNA dance company

Founded in 2020

ULNA dance company is the open space for creativity and education, interaction between various cultural and artistic disciplines with a strong focus on the inclusion of people with disabilities. It is also a platform for the artistic initiatives by young choreographers-dancers. Activities: dance performances , performances for stage and various outdoor spaces, dance education, dance tours, cooperation with communities and organizations, maintaining close links with various age and social groups, educational and creative activities for visually impaired people, social projects involving people with disabilities

Tickets to performances, educational programs, souvenirs.

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Founded in 2015

Classical and jazz music events in Lithuanian and worldwide. Summer festival in Western part of Lithuania in noble palaces.

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Tickets for the concert at the Kaunas State Philharmonic "Travelling the World" and the Maria Callas concert program.

Tango Cultural Center "EL TANGO CLUB Espacio Cultural"

Founded in 2018
Honorary patron of Tango Cultural Space: Embassy of Argentina to Lithuania and Poland (in Warsaw).

This is an exclusive space in Lithuania (Kaunas) and the Baltic region with a unique museum, dedicated to the authentic knowledge of Argentine culture and tango. This is a cultural space about the various forms of Argentine tango culture: dance, music, history, traditions and all that can be summed up in one short word "tango". These are cultural events of a high professional artistic level, cultural education activities, projects reducing social exclusion, cultural initiatives, Spanish language teaching.

It is a social space that creates a community of Argentine tango dancers.

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Tickets to the museum, subscriptions to cultural education activities, souvenirs, tickets to events.

Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library

Founded in 1925
Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library, founded in 1925, is the main library of Kaunas, second largest city in Lithuania. It is one of the oldest municipal public libraries in Lithuania. During long years of existence, the library has repeatedly changed its premises and name. The library was opened in the current premises in 1960. In 1988 it regained the original name of Vincas Kudirka. During 95 years, the library has changed and grown. Now the library consists of five functional departments, which were set up after centralization of public libraries, and 20 branch libraries, located in the different areas of the city. Main activities of the library include service of readers, fund completing, information services, cultural education and project arrangement and implementation. Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library has around 43 500 registered users. Library organises cultural events, meetings with writers, exhibitions, various lectures and courses. ICT is very important in library activities. Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Public Library allows its users to use computers and laptops, tablets and E-Book Readers.

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Library will present its services, invite you to participate in creative workshops and exchange books.

Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Founded in 1990

Lithuanian Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving and spreading Lithuanian aviation history and culture within the society through collecting and displaying aviation related artefacts and aircraft, through conducting educational activities for children and families, guided tours, various exhibitions and events. The museum collection includes over twenty thousand pieces. The Museum is located on an important historical site. The nearby aerodrome is the oldest in Lithuania and one of the oldest in Europe. The museum operates in the former passenger terminal of what was Kaunas civilian airport during the Soviet period. Worthy mentioning, the Museum can be reached by plane—one of only a few such museums in the world. The geography of the museum isn’t limited to just Kaunas. Branches of the Lithuanian Aviation Museum are also located in Judrėnai, the birthplace of pilot Steponas Darius near Klaipėda, and in Vytogala, the birthplace of pilot Stasys Girėnas near Šilalė.

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We are going to exhibit the exhibition and organize its opening.

Kaunas State Philharmonic

Founded in 1944

Kaunas State Philharmonic organizes various cultural events: symphonic, chamber, jazz music, author's concerts, afternoons for the whole family, educational programs for students, festivals, thematic concert cycles. The concert season of Kaunas State Philharmonic lasts from October to May. Kaunas State Philharmonic organizes about 200 concerts a year. Concerts organized by the Philharmonic take place not only in Kaunas, but also in various regions of the country. The Philharmonic actively cooperates with foreign performers and concert agencies. Kaunas State Choir plays a major role in the concert activities of the Philharmonic. Kaunas State Choir is one of the most prominent prestigious ensembles representing Lithuanian culture and has been around for five decades. From the very beginning of the ensemble's activity until the last trampoline bridge, he was led by the founder of the choir, Laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, Professor of the Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Music Petras Bingelis. From 2021, Professor Robertas Šervenikas, a winner of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, became the artistic director and chief conductor of the choir. 80 singers sing in this professional mixed choir. The repertoire of the choir, which is characterized by exceptional sound quality and an extremely wide range of dynamic expression, includes more than 250 large-scale vocal-instrumental works from the treasure trove of world music classics.

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Revival Orchestra

Founded in 2017

The Public Institution "Prabudimo Orkestras" is a non-profit organisation whose main objectives are to create cultural and artistic projects of lasting value and to organise public activities commemorating historical memory. In the five years of our existence, we have organised about 50 concerts and festivals, released more than 30 music albums and singles, produced a short feature film "Born Again" (directed by Debora Gvazdikaitė), and translated and published the book "The Vale of Silence" by German author Jobst Bittner, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Holocaust. Since 2020, our organisation has been the official representative of the international “March of Life” movement in Lithuania, organising Holocaust remembrance events in our country together with German Christians. Furthermore, the Prabudimo Orkestras has produced one of a kind musical project – the “Symphony from Jerusalem of the North”, a magnificent work by composer Jievars Jasinskis and Tadas Daujotas, who plays the ancient Hebrew shofar horns. Its premiere took place on 23 September 2021, on the occasion of the Lithuanian Jewish Genocide Day, in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace with two additional concerts in Biržai and Kaunas which was part of the StoryTelling Festival. In September this year, we continue presenting the “Symphony from Jerusalem of the North” concerts, appearing for the first time in Zapyškis and Alytus, and coming back to Vilnius performing for a public audience this time. Besides, we are happy to announce that the CDs of this magnificent project have been already published and will be available to the audience to purchase during the concerts. The music was performed by the Vilnius Municipality's St. Christopher's Chamber Orchestra and guest classical, jazz, and folklore musicians. Our plan for 2023 is to organise the concerts in Jerusalem on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the modern State of Israel and the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Also, the Public Institution "Prabudimo Orkestras" is an officially registered publisher and producer of phonograms as well as a member of the associations LATGA and AGATA. As of 2018, we have released approximately 10 CDs and more than 20 online singles. The following artists, bands, and music projects have collaborated with us: Shofar United (Lithuania/Israel), Israel Roytman (Israel), YeS Duet (Ukraine), Vaidas Vyšniauskas, Judita Leitaitė, Gabrielė Gvazdikaitė, Rugilė Daujotaitė, Paulius Berūkštis, Monika Balčikonytė, Tadas Daujotas, Džiuljeta Baužienė, Karolina Mint, Christ Team, and Atgimimo Vaikai. Prabudimo Orkestras is a partner of Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022, who organises the Kaunas Gospel & Worship Festival - an open-air festival of contemporary Christian music and arts in the village of Piliuona, Kaunas district.

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Concert tickets, souvenirs.

Jobst Bittner's book "The Curtain of Silence"; Shofar United CD "Symphony from Northern Jerusalem" (2022, composer Jievaras Jasinskis), "Rebirth children" CD "Our letter to Lithuania" (2022), Gabrielė Gvazdikaitė CD "Love never ends" (2021) Gabrielė Gvazdikaitė CD "Rejoice, world! " (2019) Paulius Berūkštis CD "Flute sounds from Heaven" (2019) Gabrielė Gvazdikaitė CD "Ateitis su viltimi" (2018) YeS Duet CD "From dark to light" YeS Duet CD "Life-bringer" magnets, stickers and other attributes . Invitations to the "Symphony from North Jerusalem" concert in Zapyškis, tickets to events organized by us.

Kaunas Artists' House

Founded in 1971

The professional arts center of the city of Kaunas, carries out cultural activities, develops the dissemination of contemporary art, and organizes and presents cultural programs to the public. KMN produces cultural and artistic content, coordinates city cultural information, and also acts as a mediator between the city municipality and cultural operators and their audiences.

We will invite you to try your luck in the literary circle of happiness. Everything will be very simple - after spinning the wheel of fortune, you will receive a question related to Lithuanian literature, and if you answer correctly - you will win a souvenir! Publications published by the museum with archival material and unique souvenirs will also be available.

Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum

Founded in 1936

Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature is located in the heart of Kaunas Old Town, in the late Baroque (Rococo) style palace, bought by the priest, poet Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis (1862–1932). To the visitors of the museum are open eight room of the Poet, an attic, newly arranged literary expositions with exceptionally valuable exhibits, games, films and even a binocular (!), well maintained garden and Gothic 15th-16th centuries cellars, which are one of the oldest in Kaunas. Next to Maironis' apartment, even in seven halls, the whole history of Lithuanian literature is presented! From Martynas Mažvydas to Jurga Ivanauskaitė! You won't even notice how you turn into the whirlpool of stories – authentic books, a rich audio library with the voices of famous actors, modern videos, inviting terminals to participate and rediscover literature and oneself. The museum hosts thematic excursions, educational programs for visitors of all ages, literary evenings - book presentations, meetings with writers, exhibition presentations.

Photo author - Arvydas Čiukšys.

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Cultural infocenter

Active since 2018

Are you looking for information about Kaunas culture or want to share it? Welcome to the Kaunas Embassy of Culture - the Culture Info Center located in the Kaunas Artists' House! Discover and publish - the online calendar of Kaunas cultural events kultura.kaunas.lt. Read the free monthly magazine "Kaunas full of culture" and kaunaspilnas.lt. Visit - Kaunas Embassy of Culture: Culture Info Center and Reading Room at the Kaunas Menininkai House, V. Putvinskio Street. 56-1.

13.7 light festival

Veikia nuo 2021 m.
Audiovisual fusion of the light art and technology is what we are. 13.7 Light Festival is Kaunas city Light Festival, which will open its doors for the first time on September 23rd, 2022. It is a niche where artists collaborate with engineers, they exchange experiences and look for new ways to create and unfold unique creations. By combining these two different worlds we create a space that will exhibit slightly different figures – behind each and every artistic stroke hides a specific and precisely calculated line. Throughout the week, the technology will serve the person. During the festival visitors will be delighted by the installations, which will be prepared by specialists and young talents, also interactive activities and concerts. Visitors will have an opportunity to contribute to a common and unique installation of lighting systems and become creators for themselves. We are sure that tomorrow is only missing a person, a personality, who disobey rules and stereotypes. We are looking forward to anyone who wants to be a part of a new chapter of history.

Kaunas County Public Library

Founded in 1950

Kaunas County Public Library (KCPL) is the biggest public library in Lithuania that services both Lithuanian and foreign citizens. Centre of methodology, bibliography and information KCPL is the centre of methodology, bibliography and information of public and school libraries in Kaunas and Marijampolė vicinity municipalities. KCPL research the activities of libraries, arranges methodical and information publications, shares information resources, provides professional help, organizes events and implements mutual projects. Popular services and vast document fund There are about 8 thousand registered Library users served per year and more than 320 readers served daily. The most popular service still proves to be borrowing publications out on loan. The library also provides computers and internet access, organizes events, exhibitions and trainings. KCPL has collected a document fund of approximately 1,7 million publications on various topics in Lithuanian and main foreign languages, including topics, such as humanities and social studies; natural sciences and engineering studies; art, music, fiction and Kaunas studies. Library is open for partnership KCPL maintains communication with its associates, partners and sponsors. Together with various companies, academic institutions and community organizations the Library implements mutual projects. Many new collaborative connections are formed while searching for innovative solutions and developing new services.

During the fair you can buy

We do not intend to sell, but to present educations, games, exposition:
1. Salon of Fragrant Books – an exposition inspired by interwar style to introduce visitors to books in an unusual form – through a literary work and its associative scent links. We inhale the scents and travel to the times of the Temporary Capital, with their characteristic aromas and stories.
2. Creative activity for the whole family "Literary souvenir" A little art, a little literature and a lot of imagination - this is what you will need in this unexpected activity, when we will make literary souvenirs from various materials and objects souvenirs.
3. Board game "Find a place for the historical objects of Kaunas" In the sketchy plan of the old town of Kaunas, you can see Kaunas Castle, Town Hall Square and many red roofs of houses, as if in a panorama from a bird's eye view. Having 26 photo cards, which capture various places of the Old Town of Kaunas, the players will have to arrange them on the map in such a way that the location of the object shown on the card corresponds to its position on the map.
4. Virtual educational game "Book Road" Players will be able to feel like owners, booksellers or publishers of the first books and create handwritten books themselves, test the first printing machine. Anyone who wants will be able to virtually write or print text, make ink, draw initials, cut and fold parchment, sew and decorate a book, and enchant it by writing a curse that repels thieves.
5. Postcard workshop for the whole family. We will make handmade postcards from paper figures cut out by a special postcard-making machine. Your warmth and creativity put into them will be the most precious gift for your loved ones that you cannot buy anywhere.

Kaunas cultural center

Founded in 2005

Kaunas Cultural Center is a renewed, modern, multifunctional cultural institution that carries out various art and cultural projects in Kaunas: City festivals, concert events, organization of commemorative events, exhibitions, and educational activities. The walls of the building, founded in 1940, recall various clubs, a library, a folk high school, Juozas Miltinis' theater studio, and even the German Gestapo. Although the name has changed over the past 80 years, the key factors have remained: Community spirit, culture, and individual development. Kaunas Culture Center (KKC) is still like a "second home" for many Kaunas residents of all ages, where they discover art and culture and a community of creative people and develop individually or through joint work. Nowadays, the history of the center, intertwined with modernity, continues to serve the cultural life of Kaunas. The Center aims to remain open by experimenting with both amateur and already recognized cultural initiatives and by addressing new and relevant areas of art and creative industries. Today the main activities of the institution are amateur groups, creative industries studios, organization of amateur festivals, public celebrations, and commemorative events.

Improvisational theatre
IMPRO Kaunas

Founded in 2017

IMPRO KAUNAS - improvisation theater. We perform improvised performances in both short and long formats. We organize improvisation performances, organize improvisation camps, invite Kaunas residents to free public improvisation events "IMPRO Džemas", organize improvisation trainings for adults and improvisation educations for students.

During the fair you can buy

Tickets to improvisation theater performances and improvisation training.

Kaunas Department of Lihuanian Artists Association

Founded in 1944

Kaunas Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association is non-profit, artists association, founded in 1944. Kaunas Department unites professional artists, art historians and one honor member. LAA Kaunas Department organizes various art events, exhibitions, contests, cooperates with international art institutions and artists. The main goal of association is to protect freedom of creativity, to motivate artists to create more, to spread the word about Kaunas Department members’ art around the world.

Hands on Press

Founded in 2021

We are an independent printing press and a self-publishing studio located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The studio is run by designers and illustrators Inga ir Gabriele. We love analogue printing techniques and we hope to introduce them in creative ways to a wider audience. Seeing the lack of such places in the region urged us to establish the studio in central Kaunas where we could offer the services of risograph, screen printing, linocut, woodcut, letterpress, bookbinding and book design. Our goal is to promote self-publishing in various forms, such as zines, catalogues, prints, books or other ephemera. We love stories and narratives and we are sure that everyone has a story to tell. We see printmaking as a social activity, thus we join our experiences of illustration, print and design and organise workshops where we are able to teach and promote these crafts.

During the fair you can buy posters of limited run, prints and publications.


Founded in 2021

This organisation is the legacy of Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022. "Emerging Kaunas" is a youth organisation. We established it to continue the cultural growth of Kaunas and, at the same time - ours. We are a community that experiments, makes mistakes and creates a city, a project, oneself. The programme "Kaunas Challenge" and the festival "Audra" take place under our wing. Here, young people generate and develop creative projects from ideas to results with the help of a team and mentors. Here, young people become specialists who help other organisations grow and attract more people.

Kaunas State Puppet Theatre

Founded in 1958

This organisation is the legacy of Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022. "Emerging Kaunas" is a youth organisation. We established it to continue the cultural growth of Kaunas and, at the same time - ours. We are a community that experiments, makes mistakes and creates a city, a project, oneself. The programme "Kaunas Challenge" and the festival "Audra" take place under our wing. Here, young people generate and develop creative projects from ideas to results with the help of a team and mentors. Here, young people become specialists who help other organisations grow and attract more people.