Performing arts program

Friday, September 3

16:00 Kaunas City Chamber Theater. Balys Ivanauskas. Excerpt from the poetic drama What is All This About?

An excerpt from poetic satire and drama What is All This About? is a work trying to find out what kind of people Lithuanians are. This theatrical event is composed of Gintaras Grajauskas’ poems and live music insertions. It is a look at fragments and semitones of our own lives: everyday life, loneliness, thirst for love, and so on. The performance is suitable for young adults (from 16 years old) and adults. Its aim is to present Lithuanian poetry in a modern, attractive, and understandable way, showing that this genre can also be very everyday life-like, practical, comic, lively.

16:20 Kaunas City Chamber Theater. Raimondas Klezys. Introduction from the solo performance I Would Rather Have Not Been Born

It is Raimondas Klezys’ introduction to his second solo performance based on the comedy he himself wrote and his songs performed live. The work touches on the topics that inspired the young actor during the quarantine: unemployment, faith, and relationships. Each scene critically, sharply, and satirically analyzes these topics, sometimes concluding that maybe “I would rather have not been born.” The text features personal experience and advice relevant and universal for anyone who faced quarantine challenges. Each part of the text is accompanied by a song reflecting the specific topic, which was recorded professionally with the help of music producer Artiomas Penkevičius’ recording studio. The solo performance is full of interactive communication with the audience, which draws it into the action of the play.

16:40 Discussion with Balys Ivanauskas and Raimondas Kleizys.

Saturday, September 4

12:00 Kaunas City Chamber Theater. DramaLAB Gang. Reading of plays and literary analysis.

Drama Laboratory If I were a Character! are literature lessons conducted in a different format. Drama is everywhere - in life, in the literary works, cinema, and theater - everywhere! Wherever there are ACTORS and CONFLICT taking place either on the inside or the outside. All this is analyzed by DramaLab. We will read plays, delve into a character we can identify with, and a playwright we can become. Together with the audience, we will analyze the dramatic structure of conflict and character relationships, and also discuss the author’s creative solutions and their expression.

12:20 Kaunas State Puppet Theater. The Beast of Kaunas. An interactive performance/game for children.

The characters of the performance - the Town Hall and the Fountain invite you to get acquainted with the mysterious mythical Beast of Kaunas, which has been dozing in the vaults of the Old Town for hundreds of years. It turns out that it loves to play hide and seek, so seeing it won’t be easy - you will have to smell it, hear it, track it, catch a glimpse of it, touch it and, if you are extremely lucky - catch it. Do you know what Kaunas Beast’s favorite dish smells like? Is it coffee, vanilla, or icing sugar? And how does the beast sound like? Maybe it echoes, or screams, or rattles and howls. Does it leave traces? Or perhaps it has no feet. What does Kaunas Beast look like? Is it a ghost without a body? Is it cold and hard or soft and light? The mythical Beast of Kaunas is looking forward to meeting the audience. 

In the experiential theatre of objects production, with the use of main senses - sight, hearing, smell, and touch - visually and playfully we are embarking on a search for the mythical Beast of Kaunas. The actors in this play/game are the initiators or its interactivity. Their goal is to involve the young viewers in the process of the performance and stimulate their curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

12:40 Discussion with the creative teams of the Beast of Kaunas and Gang.
16:00 Tango Cultural Space. Social tango. Acquaintance with Latin American cultural heritage.

Tango Cultural Centre “El Tango Club Espacio Cultural” / Embassy of Argentine Tango Culture / It is a special tango culture center in Lithuania and the Baltic region with a unique museum dedicated to learning about Argentine culture, its traditions, cultural events, tango culture and learning Spanish. It is a cultural center for various forms of Argentine tango culture: dance, music, history, traditions and all that fits in one short word "tango" (Unesco heritage). It is also a center that builds an Argentine tango community where people interact, spend free time and meet new people. The Tango Cultural Space contributes to and develops the knowledge of Latin American cultural heritage in Kaunas and beyond. In cooperation with partners in Argentina and European countries, our activities and cultural program aim to make Kaunas attractive with exceptionally authentic artistic and cultural cognitive activities. As ambassadors of Argentine culture, we strive for our cultural activities to be visible abroad and to promote inbound cultural tourism in Kaunas. Annual international projects with exceptional guests of honour, performers from Argentina, attracted participants from Lithuania, and from foreign countries.

16:20 Discussion with the creators of the Tango cultural space.
19:00 Kaunas State Puppet Theater. Excerpt from the play I Am Romeo, You Are Juliet.

One sunny summer weekend, a Shakespeare tragedy moved to a family camp in the woods, and a drama with comedy elements ensued. How and when did the quarrel between the two families start? Who is Juliet and which of the guys will play Romeo? What kind of performance is everyone waiting and preparing for during rehearsals? Why should the ambulance and police be called? Will the play take place and how will it all end?
Using the open theatre form actors of Kaunas State Puppet Theater will play (also in terms of music) a version of William Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet, which, as it turns out, is possible in our times as well. Each scene will have a unique style and unexpected solutions.
The puppet theater performance
I Am Romeo, You Are Juliet (duration: one hour and a half) invites young people to a recognizable but boldly modified play where laughter is replaced by tears and tears by a song; where many things become familiar, more understandable, and relevant.

19:20 Aura Dance Theatre. Excerpt from the play Pluto. Choreographer: Matthew Dane Livingston.

“Pluto in the first house” is an astrological term. This specific position speaks of a mysterious self-identity, which is very powerful in both good and bad sense. People who have this position according to astrology may be able to change the world using only words. This performance also forces us to rethink everything we know and look inside ourselves anew.

19:40 Discussion with the creators of Pluto and I Am Romeo, You Are Juliet.

Sunday, September 5

12:00 Contemporary Dance Association. Dance lesson/training. Introduction to dance lessons and the association’s activities.

The Contemporary Dance Association, established in 2007 by 25 Lithuanian contemporary dancers and choreographers, represents the contemporary dance community and defends their social and artistic interests. It tries to shape the society’s need for professional products of contemporary dance art, to educate the audience, its taste and attitudes towards the values of dance culture, to promote the creative activities of the members of the Lithuanian contemporary dance community, and to disseminate information about Lithuanian contemporary dance in Lithuania and abroad. The association currently unites 61 independent contemporary dance choreographers, dancers and educators. 
During the Kaunas Culture Fair, the Contemporary Dance Association wants to share one of its oldest organized activities, inseparable from the daily routine of dancers - training, i.e., a dance lesson. During this lesson, the members of the association will briefly talk about the importance of daily dance lessons, the activities and plans of the association and perhaps even offer to move together.

12:20 Nuepiko Dance Company. Exploratory performative dance project Through the Body.

The exploratory performative dance project examines the relationship of the individual creator with the environment, themselves and other people in the present tense, and analyzes dance/movement as a primary means of communication in the context of these elements. It is like a return to your essence as a dancer and a return to dance as a means of primordial communication. It is an opportunity to re-experience the space and the environment that surrounds us and make sense of it through dance. At the same time, it is a way in space to rethink our place as an individual, the possibilities of self-expression, and “incarnation” into environment that we lived in before the pandemic.

12:40 Discussion with members of Nuepiko and Contemporary Dance Association.
13:00 Discussion “Is labelling amateur art is an opportunity or a challenge?” with art directors of KTU dance, theater and photo studios.

There are 6 art societies in KTU to which the University’s students are invited to spend their free time improving their skills in dancing, singing, photography and other skills. The activities of these art societies and their annually increasing number of members foster the university’s traditions and convey these cultural values to the academic, Lithuanian and even foreign communities. The events led and delivered by nationally and internationally renowned professionals contribute significantly to our country’s cultural life. Amateur art is an inseparable part of the cultural life of Kaunas. Every member of an amateur art society takes part in growing and nurturing this culture. Let’s try to answer the question, is labelling amateur art is an opportunity or a challenge?

16:00 Ulna Dance Company. Presentation of the project PinoKeys Movement and the Youth Movement Program.

The idea of PinoKeys is based on a two-sided approach to the character of Pinocchio: the self as a growing personality, seeking to conform to the concept of the “good person”, trying to adapt and please, and the public’s attitude towards those of us, who don’t conform to the “norms.” The aim of the project is to manifest a social position, to offer a new model of behavior, a new relationship with a group of “others”, “fakes”; to create a precedent for crowd empathy which, instead of causing the destructive and divisive public sentiments brings about unifying and communal ones.
The performance is carried out by professional performers and people with disabilities.

16:20 Teatronas. An excerpt from the contemporary circus performance 107 Ways to Overcome Pressure by Circus Sapiens teachers. 

The pressure to make a live performance that would be as good as the one delivered online. Pressure to train constantly in order to stay in good physical shape. Pressure for viewers to see the best version of the performance. This circus performance is about this and similar pressures as well as a list of things that help one overcome it.
Pressure plays a big role in circus training sessions. Psychological pressure is strongly associated with stress, but circus performers are interested not only in its psychological side, but also in the physical one. For example, muscle contractions, silk gripping in difficult poses in the air, weight of circus tools, bodies pressing each other while carrying out various partner acrobatics’ tricks, flight and fall. This performance explores movement based on pressure and how artists face psychological and physical pressure in circus practices. The psychological pressure: to perform a trick successfully or catch a partner. Physical pressure: to squeeze the aerial acrobatics tool to prevent you from falling or squeeze your partner’s hands to lift them up or lower them down safely. This is a huge part of circus practice that is rarely noticeable. 

16:40 Discussion with the members of Teatronas and Ulna Dance creators.